Monday, January 10

Texas Needs Training

Insulated Gloves Help Keep Hot Coffee From Burning Your Hand
Texans can be as silly as Angelenos about the weather. Cycler's comments about the Rice students staring in amazement at a little snow had me chuckling, but this morning, the "news" had stories almost as good. Due to a very light dusting of snow, schools around the area were closing. The weather/traffic people all advised us to leave "at least an hour early."

In truth, I did leave for work about twenty minutes early, just in case I encountered any slick spots. I arrived about eighteen minutes early. I did encounter four weather-related problems. First, the stretch of road crossing Highway 183 was a bit squirrely due to overenthusiastic use of deicer. It wasn't slippery - more like it had gravel on it, but the potential corrosion to my frame had me mildly concerned. Second, the handicap ramp entry to our building was really slick since they hadn't put any deicer on it - and I almost slipped. Third, I'd gotten so fascinated by the "news" that I clean forgot to bring along a fresh work shirt. Luckily, I keep one at work so that wasn't a big problem. Finally, and perhaps most serious, I forgot to bring along sugar-free coffee syrup, leading me to drink "plain" coffee on the way home. We DO have to make sacrifices to deal with the weather!

We'll see how these Texans harden up. Last night it got to 29F. Tonight, it's supposed to get to 22F, with 20F or maybe even a bit lower tomorrow night. By Friday, people may be wearing shorts when it gets back up to 40F. Me, I miss snow.

Warning. Falls Will Result in Uncontrollable Slides. Stevens Pass. Washington State


Khal said...

Was 7 deg F when I left the house this morning. I need heavier mittens for days like this. Was half an hour after I got to work before I could type.

Steve A said...

Texas is in training. 19F here this morning. We shall see if there's a break before we go for the single digit temperature ranges. Still, it was nicer this morning because the excess deicer on the road got all crunched up by yesterday's traffic.

Chandra said...

It's been kinda cold alright. My wife informs me it is 6 degrees in the AM in St. Louis. Brrr! I like snow and such too, but I am getting Texanized!

Peace :)

Steve A said...

17F tonight. That'd be cold even by Seattle standards, but I still miss snow. This afternoon, I noticed a lot of small ice patches on the way home. I didn't aim for any to see how my tires would ride across them...

Apertome said...

Yes, it can be very amusing seeing people scramble who have no idea how to deal with snow. It even happens here, and we get enough snow that people should know better.

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