Saturday, May 28

North Texas Endless Winter

75% Off at LBS was Irresistible to Me. The stuff in the Photo Cost Well Under $100 - Total
Yesterday, I noted that we'll soon be getting 100F+ temperatures around these parts. My cycle computer thinks we're there already. What does all that mean in the larger scheme of things? Well, it means it is time to SHOP SHOP SHOP for winter gear!

While I've not mentioned it on this blog since I stocked up on winter stuff at the Hotter 'N Hell 100 last summer, I keep an eye open for clothing that "expands the envelope" for cycling. Mostly, I get stuff that will work here in North Texas, but eventually, it'll come in even handier when we all return home again. Not long ago, I got a pair of Showers Pass rain pants with my REI dividend. The immortal Tracy Wilkins swears by them.

This weekend, as noted here, a LBS has winter wear on sale for 75% off. Their Hurst store still has a lot of "M" wool socks. The "L" ones are all gone. Gloves and shoe covers vary. They have quite a few balaclavas and skull caps because I couldn't see buying a lifetime supply. The guys at the cash register told me that someone from Mexico came and bought $1400 worth of winter wear - and that was AFTER the discount. Apparently, on rare occasions, it even gets cold in Mexico...


Steve A said...

This is the post blogger stopped allowing comments for. But The popup seems to have fixed all.

cafiend said...

We called May 22 March 83rd because the weather was so dank and nasty for April and most of May. Then it snapped straight into July.

Tracy W said...


Steve A said...

Tracy may or may not really be immortal so I bought the Canaris as backup rain pants. They seem really well constructed, especially at 75% off.

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