Thursday, October 6

Ronald Trumps Timmy

Last time I went to Montreal, I went to Tim Hortons daily. The ladies even pretended to understand my fractured French. On this trip, I have not gone closer to Tim Horton's than waving as I drove by on the way to the place with the maple leaf on its logo. It isn't for the food at McDonalds, and it isn't even that McDonalds seem to have bike racks a LOT more than Tim. But Tim is losing out in another way, and it isn't even because their "always fresh" donuts are really frozen.

Why the big change? Well, it is the combination of a hotel that feels it appropriate to charge $12/day for Internet access; with free WiFi at McDonalds. Where is Starbucks when one needs them? I have been to McDonalds more this week than in the last decade in the US. I understand those maple leaves on the arches now. "Double Hamburger avec fromage, sans ketchup, s'il vous plait!" McDonalds coffee is drinkable. I needed to lose weight anyway...

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PM Summer said...

Wheel-bender bike rack right where it belongs... next to the trash can.

Chandra said...

I like McDonals coffee. I sometimes go to the Walmart in Irving, just so I can buy a cup of coffee at McDonals.

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